Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CLASS: Shamanic techno-wizard

Techno wizards are tinkerer sorcerers that explore science as if it were a shamanistic art form and practice magic as if it were a scientific discipline. The blending of these two concepts is not unnatural to them. Often a techno wizard will have had a life long curiosity with strange and wondrous objects. By young adulthood they will seek a master to begin an apprenticeship in the three schools of study.

First School - Psionic Magic (Levels 0-3

Derives from implanted biologic technology of an organic nature. Powers are bestowed through serums, potions, vaccines, salves and other medicines. Effects of these concoctions are temporary, but necessary to help train the mind of the Techno-Wizard. Abilities can be mastered in any order and include:
  • Empathy bond (soak up the mental energies of another to interpret their intentions and mood)
  • Telekinesis (level 0 = force push; level 1= force tug, level 2=move in X,Y,Z directions, level 3=complex manipulation of objects in midair)
  • Psionic Screen (mental barrier against all forms of psionic attacks)
  • Commune with animalia (speak with or command fauna)
  • Mental Blast (attack with 1d6 per level; increases all the way to 10th level)
  • Familiar (gain a familiar animal no larger than half your size that will help you in rituals by giving you +1d4 to all rolls per your level; forthcoming posts will outline how certain familiars can also unlock other cosmic powers)
  • Detect psionic flow (energy sources, read auras for empathic readings, etc.)
  • Illusion projection (project a vision, dream, etc. to one target per level)
  • Astral travel (travel anywhere without interaction in a corporeal manner)
Success is based on Wisdom/Presence attribute checks. Take into account any modifiers gained through biological/psionic enhancements.

Note: Due too background noise of the Song of Kings, direct telepathy and prophesying are extremely difficult to perform at this time.

Second School - Energy Magic (Levels 4-6)

After mastering the First School, Second School abilities are opened to the Techno-Wizard. Calling on the fires of the cosmos (subatomic particles et. al.) requires intense focus and concentration, but also a good deal of ritual practice. Drawing of runes on the skin, scarification, and scrawling artifacts or rooms with special "paint" consisting of a techno-alchemical composition is used to harness these energies. The written words are activated through speech and gestures. Techno-Wizards cannot create energy, only attract it, store it, redirect it, and manipulate it.

Abilities must be mastered in the following order:
  1. Detect and call radiation glyphs (allows for drawing energy from the weakest of background sources)
  2. Emanate heat glyph (energizes a weak heat source up to blowtorch flame)
  3. See infra (lizard glyph) and ultra (moth glyph) wavelengths
  4. Create light source (pure light, as a torch or non-harmful ray - paint object you wish to be light source)
  5. Battery Body (illustrate on the inside of an empty vessel to store energy of 1 megawatt per Techno-Wizard's level)
  6. Concentrate/Attenuate (draw rings on entire body along limbs, etc. to create holograms, laser blasts, etc.)
  7. Transmit (full body paint as well as runes on a rod or staff to act as emitter for radio, microwave wavelengths and the like)
  8. Saturate Target (paint large target area on floor, and two walls for X,Y,Z coordinates
  9. Energy sheath (paint armor or shield to become a barrier of energy or magnetism)
  10. Spacetime bending (full psionic concentration and paint body a mosaic of alternating colors in a full-body grid; allows for shaping spacetime, albeit on small scales to create small backward time fluxes for reroll opportunities, causing antigravity fields, bend light for invisibility, etc.)
Success is based on Intelligence attribute checks. Take into account any modifiers gained through cybernetic enhancements.

Note: Dark Energy is akin to "black magic" and very dangerous/unpredictable. You might power a spaceship or you might create a singularity!

Third School - Matter Sculpting Magic (Levels 7-10)

Once the First and Second schools are complete the Techno-Wizard graduates to a much more robust class of abilities. These require advanced technologies that must be worn as circlets, rings, bracers, helms, body harnesses, or other wearable forms. Abilities are not possible, if these items are removed.
Items may be permanently integrated through cybernetics, be they robotic upgrades attached to the PC's biological systems or a constant supply of nanomite supplements. If nanomites, they make take the form of a gas (as through a sealed mask), tiny capsules to swallow, or as a replacement for blood. 

Abilities must be mastered in the following order:
  1. Organize matter (simple objects of just one material, think Green Lantern's early constructs, i.e., swords, shields, hammers, fists, simple wheels, etc.)
  2. Teleportation (move PC or any single object same size or smaller)
  3. Transmorphism (change PC's shape only)
  4. Disintegrate object (range is equal to 10 meters per level - target at a time - effect is permanent)
  5. Composite constructs (more complicated creations made of multiple materials)
  6. Transform Object (change anything's shape)
  7. Technomancery (complex machines, objects capable of computations)
  8. Element conversion (reformulating matter at it's most basic level, e.g., stellar conversion, etc.)
Success is based on Constitution attribute checks. Take into account any modifiers gained through technological enhancements.

Note: This class is a work in progress, and may be updated. :)


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