Monday, October 28, 2013

Zohal: Lesser Punisher of the Gods

Zohal is a saucer shaped entity that patrols Benu's rock-strewn deserts dispensing "justice" in the form of sonic blasts and zero-point energy beams. The craft speaks in a cacophany of indeciperable blips and bleeps. Defendants found to be wanting (i.e., everybody) are mercilessly and unceasingly fired upon.

Zohal is less an enemy to be defeated as it is a force to be summoned, either to be lured into battle to assail a greater foe than oneself or to act as a diversion so one can slip away. The object only appears during the day--it will immediately withdraw and flit away once the sun is completely set.

Sonic Blip

A loud audial stream of "BLIP" noises that cause fear, confusion, and some species to soil themselves.

Zero-Point Energy Beams

A single, steady, visible beam of white energy is emitted and lifts objects to hurl at or drop onto targets.