Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Ancient Kings of Benu

The Ancient Kings of Benu are oldest know sentience in the galaxy. At a time when the stars were barely a wink, they were the first to divine the secrets of spacetime travel, immortality, and the true nature of the universe.
They would go on to build a body of knowledge that would make them "gods". The 12 original Kings came from the root tribes and included nomads, tradesmen, alchemists, fishermen, farmers, teachers, a soldier--even a lady of the night.

Long after they'd made Benu a paradise, they expanded their empire over the millennia, planting tribal colonies and leaving their mark on each world--each rendered more splendid than the one before it. They've long passed into myth, but relics of their ancient ways and wondrous technologies remain.

Benu is in twilight now, and the Kings may no longer be seen, but their presence is felt and it's said that the wind still carries their songs, even as it beats down their temples on a million tiny blue worlds.

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